Art of Hacking Golang compiler

UPDATE 03/19/2018 CL and are committed and will be a part of Go 1.11. UPDATE 06/25/2018 Found a bug Fixed by CL What? map and append When I just started to learn Golang, found this example: You may see two likes[l] that are obviously not free if final machine code is doing it. There is no … Continue reading Art of Hacking Golang compiler

Change Rate Anomaly in Service Mesh

Overview Classic Service Mesh architecture uses sidecar proxies and load balancers, like Envoy, HAProxy or other, maybe proprietary solution. Load Balancer performs routing for different services or micro services and can track some obvious metrics - latencies, errors, availability. One popular approach for anomaly detection - compare service metrics with its historical values. But there … Continue reading Change Rate Anomaly in Service Mesh

go vet: Printf family check

What? I use golang with VSCode IDE. One of the features that I enabled is on-fly static code analysis. It uses standard golang feature Command Vet This article is about interesting Printf family check behaviour. If write a code go vet reports "Missing argument for Errorf("%v"): format reads arg2, have on". go vet … Continue reading go vet: Printf family check

How to implement Field Does Not Exist at Lucene?

Apache Lucene is a core for many search engines and naturally supports queries like Field Exists for static fields. For example, Lucene query "field_name:*" will return all documents that have field_name, any value. But there is no way to query: "-field_name:*" and hence there is no natural support for Field Does Not Exist. If application's search engine … Continue reading How to implement Field Does Not Exist at Lucene?